Playing together has never been so much fun

Picoo is a game console that combines what children love: interactive technology and playing together. In this way interactive and traditional games come together in a completely new experience.

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What is Picoo?

Picoo is an innovative gaming console that combines interactive and traditional play into a completely new experience. Picoo combines the best of both worlds creating games that are active, social and fun.

Interactive technology (such as RFID technology, a mesh network, light, sound, and vibration) enriches the games without distracting from it.

Picoo is specially developed for outdoor play. Being solid and robust, it’s built to take a bash.

Picoo can be used directly out-of-the-box: no installation or WiFi required.

And with picoo being reprogrammable, and new games continuously produced, it provides a constant source of entertainment!

The best of Picoo

Versatile and robust

Picoo controllers contain LEDs, a speaker and a vibration motor. Picoo was specifically designed for active gaming so the controllers are robust and suitable for outdoor play on all terrains and in all weather conditions.


Picoo offers a novel and innovative experience. It gets children gaming in an active and social way with the interactive technology of modern computer games.

Play anytime, anywhere

Picoo controllers create their own network, removing the need for WiFi or any other infrastructure. Whether you want to play outside in a forest or inside in a hall - Picoo can be played everywhere and on the go.

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Our most popular games


Lightning bolt

A bolt of lightning jumps from one player to another. Are you quick enough to catch it?



Find the secret code before time runs out! But who has the code?



Moles are everywhere, catch them before they’re gone.

Do you want to try Picoo?

With Picoo, children experience endless interactive fun. Do you want to see Picoo in action? Send us an email and we will contact you as soon as possible!

You use Picoo here



Schools use Picoo during the lessons, as a moving learning tool.

Picoo for education


Activity facilitators release their guests into the forest.

Picoo for leisure