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Sure, computer games are fun. But outside … that’s where the real adventures happen! That’s why Picoo combines the best of both worlds in the first outdoor game console. With PIcoo you get the interactive experience of gaming, but with the adventurous fun of playing outside.

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Picoo comes standard with several games so you can experience all sorts of adventures. And new games are added all the time, which means endless fun! Discover our most popular games below.


Lightning Bolt

A bright red lightning bolt jumps from player to player. Are you fast enough to catch it?



Unmask the spy before time runs out! But … who could it be?


Whack a Mole

Moles pop up everywhere … Catch them quickly before they disappear again!

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The controller

Picoo combines smart sensors and interactive technology with the excitement and activity of playing outside. What does that look like?



Playing outside means running, jumping, falling and getting up again. Picoo can take it.


Play together without a screen

Our games ensure that children are busy with each other instead of with a screen.


Always ready to play

No hassle with Wifi, GPS or 4G. Picoo works anywhere, anytime.

Why Picoo

Picoo combines interactive technology and traditional outdoor play in a completely new experience. Without a screen.



Children get more exercise with Picoo! This keeps them healthy and active while also working on gross motor skills. Picoo can also prevent complaints of neck and back pain, RSI (repetitive strain injury.) and myopia because children spend less time behind a screen.



By playing together children develop their social and communication skills.



When children get outside they engage fully in discovering the world. This sparks imaginative play and stimulates creativity. Playing outsisde is also good for getting lots of oxygen (which makes your brain happy!).

About us

Picoo was founded by Iris Soute and Daniel Tetteroo. We saw children spending more time stuck inside sitting behind their laptops, tablets and phones, instead of playing outside with their friends and using their imaginations. We wondered, what if we combined the appeal of technology with the energy of the outdoors? Best of both worlds, right? Technology and interactivity with grass under your feet. Picoo makes playing just that little bit more fun for children today.

That is why we created Picoo! We create new gaming experiences by combining the best of both worlds: the fun of playing outside and the interactive of computer games.

Our goal is to get everyone - both children and adults - outside and moving!

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